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Why only NEW applicants?

The program is entering a new decade with a new director. We would like to "reboot" the program with new values and have staff who are "equal" to each other and truly work together as a team to make the program a success.  We also would like to give the opportunity to as many people as possible.

Do I need to bring money for the program?  If so, how much do I need?

Money will be provided to leaders for food only. Sometimes, the money may not satisfy leaders' appetite and they may want to purchase more food with your own money. Also, we will have shopping opportunities. It is okay to purchase things for yourselves or even buy gifts for students, however, these kind of purchases will not be reimbursed to leaders. It is often suggested that leaders combine money with students and buy groceries and cook meals to save money plus have a great food cultural exchange.

May I go home to sleep or attend an event anytime during the program?

No. Leaders will be needed all day and night during the program. Leaders may only be dismissed for emergency situations. In order for the high school students to practice their English, it is important that the English speaking leaders lodge in Waikiki throughout the entire program.  

Will meals be provided?  How does it work?

Leaders will be given time to go grocery shopping to buy food to prepare meals in the hotel suites. There are stoves, ovens, toasters, microwaves, sinks, rice cookers, refrigerators, and freezers in each hotel suite. Leaders will be provided with money to buy groceries. Certain meals are provided for the whole group.

How will room accommodation work?

 Some leaders will room with up to 3 Japanese students per room. This is a crucial portion of the program where cultures and language are best shared. Some leaders will share a room with each other. Absolutely no mixing of genders.

Do I have to be on the island (in Oahu) before the program starts?  

It is absolutely mandatory that all selected leaders be on island from mid-June through early/mid-July till the program, in order to attend orientations. Makeup orientations may be arranged if necessary.

What kind of items should I pack for this program?   

It is best to think of this program as a vacation (or staycation). Pack enough clothes to last for over a week. Be sure to bring one pair of nice clothes and a lot of casual clothing. Waikiki will get hot over the summer. Bring shoes, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, etc. 

What will a typical day be like?

On a typical day, leaders wake up early to make breakfast and lunch with students. Eat breakfast, then meet in the hotel lobby for a short group meeting. Then, we will most likely go to UH for an English / cultural activity and then head to a field trip. It may be reversed on some days. Then, leaders will be given ample free time with a group of 3 students per leader. Leaders may guide students around Waikiki (Kalakaua Ave/Kuhio). Groups may not leave the area of Waikiki. Leaders must eat dinner with group. Then, they must escort students to their rooms before their curfew.

What kind of teaching will I have to do?

The "lessons" will be very basic. Very little teaching experiences will be needed. Leaders shall use common sense and put themselves in their student's shoes. The assistant director will assist the leaders during the program.  

May I be enrolled in Summer School Session II during the program...even if it is just an online class?

Due to the long working hours leaders need to commit during the program, it is strongly not recommended for leaders to be enrolled in an online summer school session. It is best to speak with the coordinator regarding such situation.

What will transportation be like?

it is recommended for leaders to get dropped off at the hotel on the first day. It is not recommended to park in the hotel as it would cost $20 a day. Main transportation from point to point during the program will be by a charted school bus. Leaders shall also arrange transportation from the airport to home on the last day of the program.

How does compensation work?

Leaders will be provided spending money (cash) for meals + an advanced payment of $100.00 cash in the beginning program. At the end of the program, upon successful completion, Leaders will be given a check for the remaining balance of $500.00. Leaders shall not receive checks in advance.  

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